Monday, December 30, 2013

Get-together of the Savliwalas at Shalimar Restaurant with a gathering at my home

The great Indian vacation is going on nicely, indeed. Our trip to Malaysia and Singapore begins in a few days. Most of our shopping is over, though, with three fashionable women in the house, it never, really, is over. It just goes on ... 

The Savliwala cousins all gathered for lunch at the Shalimar Restaurant, Bhendi Bazaar yesterday. It was our turn to be the hosts (i.e. Nishrin and I), and we decided that we could do the best justice if we kept the lunch in the "Dastarkhwan" rooms of Shalimar. All the meniz members attended, including the Dubai-based Shabbir and Nishrin Savliwalas, whom I had informed just the day before about the get-together. Although Fatema and Shabbir Moonim were unable to attend the lunch, they joined us at our home for the after-lunch hospitality.

The after-lunch gathering went on for nearly three hours at our residence. Nishrin and I enjoyed the easy bantering, singing and dancing that many of the cousins indulged in. Fatema Moonim was the star of the evening; it was her birthday, and she looked great in a vermillion red silk top with floral designs reminiscent of Japanese kimonos. We had brought a mixed berry cake for her, and two more cakes were brought by some of the other cousins, so that all of us had a cake too much. We also had ice cream, some farsan, and tea. All in all, a great, well-spent evening. Here are some memories:

All in all, a great time was had by all.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Some more news from my homestead

Well, I have so many things to do that I am simply lacking for time to sit on the net ... people know me as the guy who is always on the computer ... either on FB or on the blogs ... which is, to some extent, correct while I am in KSA. However, in India, I have about 20-30% of the time (compared to the time I used to have in KSA) available for browsing the net. As a result, I am unable to write the blog as much, or play games on FB as much, or even reply to various mails as quickly. I am unable to join my MRCPCH friends for online discussions. I am unable to find time to watch TV ... need I say more?

Yesterday, I purchased a plum-coloured Honda Activa scooter through the grey market. With this, I am now much more comfortable commuting through the narrow lanes and crowds of South Mumbai. 

In other news, both my daughters are good. Inas continues to work at the Juice Salon as a hair dresser/stylist; Hannah, the younger one, has just successfully completed their college's cultural festival, in which she was the Joint Head, Creative Team - as a result, she is very, very happy. Mom is okay, I guess. I had her checked up by a cardiologist, who opined that her heart was good. Then, I took her to a chest physician who felt she has lung-related problems, so we have begun the treatment suggested by him.

That's it for now. Do leave your comments and oblige. Thanks for reading this entry.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Nearly a month now in India ...

Since my last post here, I have had a very busy fortnight indeed. Catching up with relations, completing a myriad set of household, bank, financial and other activities, getting help for the repairs needed at home (carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc.) and clearing the extra stuff that fills up my wardrobe and storage areas by either sending it out free to others on "Free Cycle" or posting ads to get them sold off to needy people has taken up most of my time. This is not counting obligatory visits to friends, colleagues and close relatives, and invites to weddings, social functions and get-togethers.

I invited some of my doctor colleagues to an evening function last week. The get-together brought doctors who looked after my father (during his crucial last six months in 2012), doctors who looked after (and are still looking after) my mother, doctors who take care of my family during my absence, and doctors who are my close friends. Out of the 15-16 doctor couples whom we had invited, a few were unable to come, but all the others did. We had booked a small function hall called the "Capers" inside Best Western Hotel Sahil at Mumbai Central. Here are some of the attendees pictures:

Early birds settling down for the evening.
Exchanging vital points

Dr. Mustufa Khokawala

Dr. Yusuf Bagasrawala
Dr. Shabbir Suterwala

Dr. Shabbir Baldiwala

Mr. Elyas Savliwala

Dr. Parveen Rushnaiwala

Mrs. Nafisa Bagasrawala

Mrs. Ifroz Muhbeen

Making a point? Drs. Savliwala and Bagasrawala

Conversing and gathering knowledge

Dr. Souhail Savliwala

Dr. Salma Savliwala

Tasneem Savliwala

Hannah with her friend Sana

Dr. Sheela Verma

Dr. Rashida Bapai

Dr. Rajendra Verma

Dr. Mustafa Bapai

Enjoying moments of quiet and peace

Mrs. Nafisa Bagasrawala and Asifa Ubharay

Guests enjoying the dinner

Drs. Mustafa Bapai (left) and Ashfaq Ubharay (right) with Mr. Elyas

Drs. Savliwala Sr. and Bagasrawala

Dr. Shabbir Suterwala

Dr. Praful Shanbag

Mrs. Shanbag

In other news, I bought a new scooter on Friday the 20th. With this new acquisition, commuting in Mumbai will become hassle free! The new scooter is a Honda Activa, and I paid about Rs.2000 more compared to the actual M.R.P. Armed with the new vehicle, I zipped over to meet Nishrin at her salon.Thereafter, I went to a petrol pump to get the petrol tank filled, to Grant Road to purchase a new helmet, and finally, home. In the later part of the evening, Nish and I attended the "varsi" functrion of Hamid Rafique's father at Alibhai Tajbhai Hall, Bhendi Bazaar.