Thursday, January 25, 2007

A five-day hiatus

A mixed feeling assuages me as I sit to write my eighth entry in this, as yet unseen, blog. I wonder what I must include in the blog so that it comes up in searches by others. Should the key words be dramatic (such as screeching, shameless), violent (banged, thumped, crashed), sadistic, masochistic, truthful, lies, cosmetic, frank, gamely, welcoming type, startling (amazed, screwed, bastard) or what??

Yes, my dear readers, I am at a loss here. My blog ... is it worth anything?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

All on a Saturday evening

I have made several observations after completing over two weeks on blogspot.com.

-I still have no "views" and no "comments".
-I must move on in life and start telling something about myself. How about entering searchable terms like "convict", "Moslem", "Indian" and "Crazy"?
-I must spend on advertising my blog (...?...)
-Some of the keywords I entered above are incorrect and do NOT apply to me
-How do I put up my reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal photo??

Thanks for reading this ... May God bless you for your persistence and tolerance of idiots.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My first Sunday on blogspot

I have often read about how guys and gals let down their hair on Fundays and therefore have no time to read and write blogs. Does that surprise you? Perhaps it does. Perhaps it does not. It does not matter much. If it is Sunday, and you are reading this, I love you. If it isn't Sunday and you are reading this, I still love you. If it is Sunday and you are not reading but just admiring this font and this blog, I still, still love you. And so on and so forth.

But if you are reading this and have decided NOT to comment on it or the previous blogs too, then I request you to please, please comment: whether you encourage or discourage me, I shall continue to write here. You may love me or hate me, but you certainly cannot ignore me!

I attended a religious function today and observed, rather wryly, that a lot of the invitees had not turned up. As a result, the function winded up rather sooner than later. There was food that was left over, and the hosts packed some rice and other things for the guests who were still around. I received a bit of biryani rice and can vouch for its lovely taste.

That's all for today.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Stupid Appetite

At the outset, let me confirm my status as IDIOTIC DIABETIC MORON. Harsh, isn't it? However, all of it is true. Almost all, that is :-)) I am idiotic as I continue to stay with some of the most intelligent people of the world. To wit: my wife and two daughters. They are the most beautiful, the most sensible and the most logically-thinking women this world has seen. And they have convinced me that I am an idiot and a moron. The Glucometer has done the rest and verified that I am a diabetic. So hereI am, a confirmed idiotic, diabetic moron.

To see what I look like, see my first blog on this site. I know you are not convonced that I look like that spiny, loving creature, but I am sure that is exactly what I look like since I have been given these epithets by my wife, my ex-girl-friends, my friends and my trade competitors alike; I have been called "ugly", "a thorny chap" a "bespectacled guy" and many more things. Add it all up, and you will be able to visualise that sweet creature who is depicted in my introductory blog. He he.

More later. Right now, I go and gotta pee.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A little peek into my conscious mind

Hi. Strange on my part to not make any additions this last week. Blame it on my jeans. I had just one pair of them, and I accidentally damaged them when I tried to cross the road below my office. I wasn't wearing them, you know. I had just kept them wrapped around my midriff (and there's a lot of that with me, LOL). So what happened is like I was about to cross the road when this funny-looking dude appears from nowhere (No, no, I am not making all this up: just read on ... thanks). He takes one look at me and without as much as an "excuse me", he catches hold of my said jeans and turns me around like a whiplash and throws me on the ground, jeans in his hands, ripped and torn. I run away like the scabies is after me! The said jeans's pockets had the drafts of my next six days' blogs.

So that's what has happened... .Got it?


Friday, January 05, 2007

Insensitive People

I hate to gripe on my blog, but it is impossible to ignore this fact: over 50 "revellers" at the Gateway of India allegedly chased, molested and harassed a woman on New Year's Eve 5 days ago. Seriously, what is Bombay city coming to? I have never heard such a travesty before in all my years ... they even tore her clothes, d*** them!

Has anyone read Mukhtar Mai's book? It's just got released. It apparently gives a first hand account of how a single woman from a lower caste (Gujars) was gangraped by a bunch of higher caste goons in a small village in Pakistan. The account might be very readable, but it is difficult to stomach the story.

Reactions to this story welcome.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

So, where am I?

I am a Bombayite or, as is more contemporary, a Mumbaikar. I am old but not ancient, good looking but not dandy, sweet but not saccharinous, bold but not so much as to indulge in bungee-jumping, truthful but not biblionic, humorous but not self-deprecating, easy-going but not lazy, web-loving but not married to the net and crazy but not certifiable.

Actually, all these attributes apply to Mumbai as well! ROTFL ...

Practising Pediatrics as my bread-earning profession, I love to surf the web, meet new people and write, write, write. I am already hitched to a lass and have two daughters to show as the result of my not inconsiderable endevours. More about these lollies later.

Wanna read more? Wait for a few more ... er ... hours. Actually, more like a full day as I go incommunicado for various reasons. And to pass the time, why don't you try a game or something on www.zapak.com.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hello to all ye blog readers

My name is Taher. This means a lot of things in a lot of different ways, but in essence, this means "the guy who came in from the cold and has started blogging". Oh, I know what you are thinking. This fella is out here to bore the hairs out of our pates/armpits/what-have-you.

Before you all go and push that "Start/End" button on your monitor, let me hasten to add that I am a NoRmAl PeRsOn. I mean, as normal persons go, I am a shining K-O-H-I-N-O-O-R. I am as unpredictable, fart as much, snore as much and eat as much - okay, the last three are probably lies (I fart more, snore more and eat more than) -as any other person on this planet.

Would you like to see what I look like on a normal day? Okay, here goes: (see the image above).
Laughing, aren't you? Well, don't. Wipe off that smirk RIGHT NOW. I am not that beautiful, I know (aren't all beasts more beautiful than us humans?) Besides, I don't even have that image's copyright. But seriously, that is exactly how I feel about myself today. Like a newly born hedgehog, you mean? No, like an inconsequential humbug. More tomorrow. Or later. Whatever.