Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nearly a month gone

It seems to have been just a few days ago that I came to Mumbai ... so quickly have the days passed! I have had the most happy days of the year and I am sure I am going to regret my going back ... in these last few weeks since I wrote my last post, I have met so many people, so many friends. I also made a trip to Pune to see some properties for investment. In addition, I went with Nishrin (my wife) to Lonavla for our group get-together at Salim-Samira's house last Sunday. This trip was too good. I met all the Savliwala cousins under one roof! 

Then, today, my wife and I went to Panvel for property hunting, spending more than 6 hours there.This time, though, the property was a reputable one from Indiabulls Real Estate, and the company's representative took  us from their Elphinstone Road office by a rented taxi all the way to Panvel (and back). In fact. after the site visit, he even sponsored our lunch in a mall at Kharghar. We may end up investing in their property ... let's see what Nish wants.

Kids are going on as usual. Hans is going through her written exams, and Inas is busy with her work. 

That's it, for now.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Fifteen days up ...

I reached Mumbai on Friday, the 22nd of February. Two and a half weeks later, my work here in Mumbai is still unfinished, and I am busy meeting friends, relatives, and important government people (read stupid bureaucrats) for unfinished work in various respects. 

A few nights ago, I was in touch with my Nagpada Doctors' group, and the four of us had dinner together at Persian Darbar Restaurant at Byculla. My other friends were Dr. Muhbeen Shaikh ( a radio-sonologist at Saifee Hospital), Dr. Arif Shaikh (Ophthalmologist at Prince Aly Khan hospital) and Dr. Ashfaq Ubharay (M.B.B.S. and practising consultant homeopath at Nagpada). We had a hearty meal and shared lots of news about each other. 

A few days earlier, I visited some of my relatives in the far-flung spots of Mumbai, viz. Andheri, Borivali, etc. My paternal aunt is nearing 87, is weak, but mentally all strong; her husband is nearly 100, but mentally totally sharp! My maternal aunts ( I met two of them) are going good as well, and it was a pleasure to connect with them and with my cousins. I also met some others, including distant relatives, friends from my housing society and outside, and so on. Going to meet Hatim Pancha was a fantastic thing, since he has always stood by me whenever I have needed him. His family and he have recently shifted to Byculla west, where I went to meet him.

Nishrin and I went to Pune last Sunday to look at some under-construction properties. This is the start of what could be some new investments in property, but nothing is fixed as yet, so I cannot be more specific.

My wife went to Nanded yesterday in the company of her maternal first cousin Lovely (Dalvir Kaur), and will return tomorrow evening. Hans is busy studying for her upcoming examinations next week, and Inas is busy as usual with her work at the Juice Salon in Colaba, Mumbai.

Mom has come to stay with us since yesterday morning, and will be with us for about three or four more days. Today, I took her out to see flamingos at Sewri mudflats. It was a first-time experience for her to see thousands of these pretty birds all across the flats. I took some snaps ... hope to add them to Facebook later.

I have been driving a lot in my Chevrolet Beat (it's a used car that I got for an almost throwaway price of 2.5 lakhs for a 2010 August model top-end car). But that's no risk, really, since the car has done just 14000 km and is as good as new! Hannah plans to drive it after I have returned to Saudi Arabia. 

That's it for now ...