Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December is here

... and the very first day of this, the "tenth" month of the older Julian calendar, is World AIDS day. Observance of this day is paramount to humans all over the world. AIDS is now prevalent all over the globe. It is estimated that this disease has killed over 25 million people to date, and that it is currently present in over 35 millions humans as a disease. According to information available on Wiki , the first World AIDS day was observed under the guidance of the UNAIDS in 1988, and since then, we have been having this observance every year. Memorial services for renowned people who died from this ailment or its complications forms an important event on this day.

AIDS is a modern disease, and already, we are into a pandemic of this dreaded illness, and it continues to take lives despite modern treatments against it.

The theme for this year is: UNIVERSAL ACCESS AND HUMAN RIGHTS.