Thursday, September 06, 2007

News on my new clinic

I am returning to the blog after almost twenty days ... eventful days with most of my spare time spent in supervising how my new clinic premises are getting renovated/refurbished. Before I go any further, let me say that my present clinic was becoming too small to take the input of patients and other visitors; this is hardly surprising as it measures just 100 sq. ft. in size! Out of this, almost 5 sq.ft. is lost in a structural beam, 10 are lost in a staircase that connects to the loft inside my clinic, and of the remaining 85, 40 sq. ft. is the size of the waiting area and 45, the size of the inner cabin where I consult. LOL.

Now, with a sizeable contribution from my better half, I have purchased a new "pagdi" premises near J.J. Hospital. The new shop is on the ground floor, and is almost 250 sq. ft. in size, a major increase over the older place where I presently sit. The renovation work is in progress and is expected to complete in less than a month. Inshallah, I should then shift my normal practice to this place, while the Late Zubedabai Y. Kagalwala Memorial Child Welfare Center will continue to operate from my present premises.

A little more about the charitable venture: it has started since July 27, 2007. In the nearly one and a half months, I have seen about 20 new cases and about 15 old ones. As against my normal fees (of around Rs. 400/- for the first consultation, I charge just Rs. 100/- for this in the charitable version. With this, I hope to earn the good wishes and prayers of my poorer patients and blessings from my late mother's benevolent soul.

That's all for now.

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