Friday, November 16, 2007

Old age and behaviour

My father, who is 73 years and six months old, has gradually changed from being what he was to being an irritable, uncouth, and ill-mannered person. How this change in personality came about is something of an enigma to me, as it is to my mother, my two younger brothers, my wife and the wives of both my brothers. My daughters are just as bewildered as the children of my younger brothers.

My mom has become so exasperated that she starts crying the moment one of us (all three of us feel more or less the same way about our dad) begins to argue or talk some sense into the old man. She fears that one or all of us will stop talking to dad, and then we will all stop visiting them completely.

I will write more later. Do keep checking this blog. Thanks.

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Holly Jahangiri said...

Well, you're a doctor, but you're also a son - could being a son blind you to the possibility of age-related changes in his mental status? Even, God forbid, early signs of Alzheimer's? It's hard to watch our parents grow old, particularly when their behavior changes in exasperating ways.