Thursday, August 14, 2008

What happens to one's blog if one is inactive for long?

Let me ask that question again: as you can see, my previous post was over two weeks ago; at that time, and in the preceding few weeks, I wrote posts frequently enough to increase the page views and eyeballs that my blog was getting very regularly. The Shinystat counter that shows these stats to me even increased my blog's rank from 4 to 6 as the numbers piled up. Then, in the past two or three weeks since my last post on Google Knol, life caught up with me and I was unable to find the time to surf, log in, research and write a post. The result was that the page views and then the ranking came down ... so that now, I find the rank at 3!

The question is: what happens to one's blog when one stops posting in it for more than just a few days? Well, to tell you the truth, nothing really "happens" to the blog; what happens, happens to the owner of the blog: I started feeling guilty after five-odd days, and then, kept returning to the blog to try and log in and write something; unfortunately, it was not to be, as my work has increased tremendously. I have even stopped going to the gymnasium,and my diet and weight are both up!

In addition, the withdrawal symptoms included a tremulous imagination that allowed my soul to think ahead and take a firm decision to enter a post within the next two or three days. Which is why this post came to be.

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