Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just another day

I think today could be marked off as just another day in the almanac of 2009, as nothing really rocking or interesting occurred. For us, the Dawoodi Bohras, it was the 10th of Muharram, and so, everyone from the community was in the mosque to listen to the day-long sermons that would end at the time of the evening call for prayers with the recitation, by the priest, of the martyrdom of Prophet Husain (A.S.) at the hands of Layeen Shimra *(another Muslim, who represented the tyrant rulers of that time who did not wish for Husain's version of Islam to spread). 

I took both my daughters to the mosque, but not as early as one might think: we reached at 4:00 p.m. , and were there till the end of the sermon. The story of the martyrdom of prophet Husain (A.S.) and his family is heart-rending even today, after so many hundreds of years. Most listeners were beating their breasts and crying by the time the muezzin called the evening prayers. My daughter, Inas, and to a lesser extent, Hannah, were a bit sceptical about how the prophet conducted his affairs during the last 72 hours. Why, she asked, did he have to send his soldiers one by one to get killed at the front. Well, I told her I DID NOT KNOW. What else could I do but come clean on this issue.

Nishrin has been going here and there to make enquiries at the top beauty academies as she wishes to update her skills. Yesterday, she went to the L'Oreal and Yasmin, today, to Nalini's and to the Toni and Guy academies. I don't think she has made up her mind as to which course she wishes to do.


Anonymous said...

Course? Happy Muharram to you and to your family!

Taher Kagalwala said...

Please read the blog entry again. You don't wish anyone "Happy Muharram". It is a sad occasion.

Hope that helps.