Sunday, February 01, 2009

Returning after a long gap

While I plead guilty to not writing anything in any of the blogs that I currently own, I must say that I was a bit distracted by real-world events; also, for about 5-6 days in the fourth week of January, I was out of town and without a connection to the net. In addition to these "excuses", I was also a bit despirited as I am out of touch with my physical exercises, have put on weight and need to do something strongly to get back into shape.

Okay, enough of that. To read more about my state of mind, visit my other blog: Click here!

Now, on to a little more news. January was bad - practice was dull, I missed those six days when I went to Banagalore to participate in the Annual Pediatric Conference (Pedicon 2009). I had registered for the conference way back in August 2008, having paid INR 6000/= for the same. One of my colleagues and a personal friend, Dr. Praful Shanbhag was with me: we stayed in the same room in a hotel, stayed almost together during the entire five days of the conference and returned together as well. But a lot of other things occurred too, and I am going to write that out as a separate entry right after this one. 

In other news, India started its ties with Sri Lanka in the Cricket One dayers with 2 consecutive victories; Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza moved to the semi-finals of the Australian Open Tennis tourney; our beloved PM Sardar Manmohan Singh underwent a complicated 5-vessel cardiac bypass surgery and is none the worse for it ... in fact, he is "positively better"!

In my home, Hannah had her annual sports and a few other school functions; she made me run to school with her on so many days, I have lost count. Inas continues to have projects and work that is driving all the rest of us mad; my brother Murtuza finally purchased his own house and has just announced that his old house also got sold; mom went to her physician and has been asked to rest and take more medicines; Inas and I went to Lonavala on the occasion of the 40th day observation of my cousin Dr. Altaf's untimely demise (see this); Dad celebrated his 77th coconut birthday and Nish, her 44th cake birthday on the evening of the 31st of January in a dinner meet at my residence - and wonder of wonders - my bro Kaizar also came this time with his entire family!

That's about it for now. Let me rest awhile and then begin my post on my Bangalore visit.

And, if you are bored by all the above, click here for some fun.

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