Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 161, Tuesday, 24th April, 2012

Hello Readers,

I am returning to this blog after a considerable gap, and this is a lapse for which I apologise unconditionally. My mind has been in the "Relax" mode after I cleared the Saudi council examinations, and I have been sort of neglecting this activity to my own detriment. A recording of the events that occur or are occurring is vital to me, and I will therefore promise to write an entry at least 3-4 days of the week if not everyday.

Today, I had the fortune of talking to my dear friend Dr. Muhbeen Shaikh, a Bombay-based radiologist-ultrasonologist. He is actually in Mecca to perform Umrah, and he called me up to say hello and connect with me. It was a pleasure to talk to you, Dr. Muhbeen, and I urge you to pray for me as well when you connect with Allah in Mecca. 

Here is a piece of news for you all: I am scheduled to travel to India within the next 10 days, and will be in Mumbai for about 3 weeks beginning 4th May 2012. I am fairly excited about this, and believe with all my heart that I will be welcome wherever I go, and that few, if any people will have an axe to grind with me. I am so looking forward to meet up with my family, friends, professional colleagues, patients, acquaintances, and even the road-side hawkers of pani puri etc. ... foods that I miss terribly here in Saudi Arabia, dust, sweat and grime not withstanding!

Towards preparation of my India visit, I am still awaiting the completion of the official formalities from the Ministry of Health, but I have already purchased the tickets and am scheduled to depart on the night of Friday, the 4th of May.

In the meantime, Al Muwayh has been quiet as ever. I have almost stopped the elaborate cooking that I used to indulge in, and now make-do with a few meals in the house and the rest in one of the two restaurants located on the highway, viz. either the Kerala one or the Pakistani one. The absence of both my Indian colleagues, Drs. Narendra and Shahid are something of a cloud that casts a gloom on my basic demeanour. In fact, one of the nurses I work with asked me what the problem with me was as she had noticed that I looked off colour of late. I agreed with her assessment, and I know that my face is a very transparent one, and I am very easy to read. When asked why, I recounted some of the things I have just mentioned here, but I don't think that makes up the whole story! Perhaps I am home-sick, and don't yet realise it. Who knows? 

After a week of my exams, it was the turn of my colleague Dr. Yasser to appear for the same exam. I am happy to report that he has also cleared the exam, and has now announced openly that he has no intention to exit (as he used to tell me earlier) and will continue working here for some time to come. That is indeed good news. Although it is true that we haven't had the most cordial relations in the past, I am sure the future is bright as long as we stay out of each other's business and help each other enjoy our stay in the Kingdom.

Through Facebook, I continue to have contact with some of my regular readers, and through Skype or chats, with a few more. To them and to all the rest of you, I declare that I love you all, and look forward to your visiting my blog, commenting on my entries, and perchance, buying something online by clicking on the advertisements that appear here, thus enabling me to earn a few extra bucks through Ad sense (LOL).

Thank you for reading this entry. Have a good day/evening/morning/afternoon/night. Whatever. 

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