Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some interesting images from various situations and locations

I wanted to do this since a long time. Whenever I see something that appeals to me, I tend to click photos of it and think about it for a while, then forget it. Here, then, are some interesting images of things I have seen/done/noted over the previous one and a half years of my stay in the Kingdom:

Can you guess the total number of wheels here? The trailer itself has 14 wheels and each deck of the trailers above have 24, so the grand total is 14 +24+24 = 62!

I saw this at the NCB bank, May 29, 2013, This is a pen holder that is fixed to the table top and such holders are provided outside each teller. This is pilfer free and so good!

In the manager's office in the NCB  Bank. This is one version of the kahwa-glasses -dates that forms a ready to eat and drink item making a guest feel welcome. This was really great.

Whole lamb carcasses are hung at the entrance of this eatery (Kababjee) that is a fine food joint I visited with some new friends in Ta'if.

The huge ring that is suspended by a wire from the helicopter has cameras mounted on it. I saw this helicopter make repeated  reconnaisance visits over Al Muwayh in April 2013. It was looking for road repairing sites.

The common area just outside the delivery room/and the main OR:The Filipino girls are really gifted when it comes to decorating the hospital.

These tiny flowers bloomed just outside my home about three weeks ago after a lot of episodes of rain in mid-April, 2013.\

A nicely grown date palm  near Riyadh

Well-manicured trees outside personal residences  of teachers in Riyadh
Another example of beautiful implantatiom of trees outside homes.

The inside of the first lift that took me from the zero-th floor to the 77th floor at the Kingdom Tower in Riyadh

Beautiful gardens and fountain outside the KIng Faisal Speciality Eye Hospital, where I met a doctor acquaintance from India on 16th May 2013 (Riyadh)

Two burgers made by me for personal consumption, May 2013

Barbecuing chicken in the Al Muwayh garden with Drs. from the ER (Drs. Measser and Sheshtawy)

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