Thursday, September 12, 2013

About this blog and a few other places on the net that I care about.

Yes, I do care about my blogs. And, regrettably, I have been neglecting all my other offerings. So, I am using this post to plug my other blogs. I still occasionally post stuff on my erstwhile main blog which is HERE. Then, I used to blog about emotional stuff - you could still visit this blog.

I have a travel blog and a medical blog too! Finally, I began a blog on my experiences with Mother  Nature - my various rendezvous with nature. This has, alas, like the other blogs, been lying somewhere in the recesses of the cyber-world, awaiting rejuvenation. Perhaps, as a few of my friends advised me, I should retire them all and start posting only on a blog or two. Even so, as they are all my "babies", I cannot just put them to sleep as if they are injured race-horse. So, they languish, and maybe one day, they will again receive my attention and be enhanced. In the meantime, do click on any of the above links and visit my other blogs.

I describe myself as a writer-paediatrician. This should be obvious, since I enjoy writing. In honour of my passion with English, I even have a PAGE on Facebook which celebrates the beauty of the English language. In addition to these multifarious offerings on Blogger and FB, I also have an exhaustive WRITING page where there are over 200 items all written by me! To explore my poems, stories, essays, and, I daresay, ENTIRE BOOKS, go to THIS site.

I am also active on a travel site called www.ghumakkar.com, an Indian site with contributions from travellers from all over the country. My profile is HERE. And, I write reviews on stuff that I read, write, dine at, see or enjoy HERE. Not to mention that I am also a senior contributor to Travel Advisor website (http://www.traveladvisor.com) where I have reviewed travel places, attractions, restaurants, and more.

I do contribute occasionally to Wikipedia and other sites - too many to mention here. 

Finally, I must mention that there was a time when I was a citizen journalist (a CJ) on www.merinews.com, but I have stopped visiting that site because of time constraints. Even so, I have contributed several news-items and interesting stuff there, so feel free to visit my profile HERE.

I once ego-surfed my name on Google and it linked me to over 20K entries! I am otherwise a very humble person, but I did feel flattered to see so many search entries linked back to me. And that is that. I hope you do visit me at any of the above places, and encourage me. 

Thank you very much.

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