Saturday, December 21, 2013

Some more news from my homestead

Well, I have so many things to do that I am simply lacking for time to sit on the net ... people know me as the guy who is always on the computer ... either on FB or on the blogs ... which is, to some extent, correct while I am in KSA. However, in India, I have about 20-30% of the time (compared to the time I used to have in KSA) available for browsing the net. As a result, I am unable to write the blog as much, or play games on FB as much, or even reply to various mails as quickly. I am unable to join my MRCPCH friends for online discussions. I am unable to find time to watch TV ... need I say more?

Yesterday, I purchased a plum-coloured Honda Activa scooter through the grey market. With this, I am now much more comfortable commuting through the narrow lanes and crowds of South Mumbai. 

In other news, both my daughters are good. Inas continues to work at the Juice Salon as a hair dresser/stylist; Hannah, the younger one, has just successfully completed their college's cultural festival, in which she was the Joint Head, Creative Team - as a result, she is very, very happy. Mom is okay, I guess. I had her checked up by a cardiologist, who opined that her heart was good. Then, I took her to a chest physician who felt she has lung-related problems, so we have begun the treatment suggested by him.

That's it for now. Do leave your comments and oblige. Thanks for reading this entry.

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