Monday, January 20, 2014

Back in Saudi Arabia after a fulfilling vacation

Yes, indeed, I had a great holiday this time. The main reason was that unlike the first year, I went for a full vacation this time. In effect, therefore, I went for nearly two months! This allowed me to do several new things such as organising a birding trip to Goa, taking out my medico friends for dinner, organising a get-together of several doctors who were instrumental in the management of my parents' various illnesses, making possible a holiday to Malaysia and Singapore with my family, purchasing a new two-wheeler and using it to do my multifarious tasks, etc. I was able to clean out a lot of junk from my own belongings, free-cycle much of that stuff, or even sell it online, look after our newly acquired investment flat in Goregaon (E) (though a lot still needs to be done), and also coordinate repairs and renovations inside my home at Mazgaon.

I reached KSA at Jeddah on the night between Friday, 17th Jan. and Saturday, 18th Jan. Taking a taxi from there to Ta'if, I took a room in a hotel and stayed overnight there until Sunday morning. I slept for a long time on Saturday. Also relaxed, had a good time watching stuff on the TV and downloading some material on my laptop. On Sunday morning, I went to the Muderiya (the Health Directorate) and completed the formalities related to my return to the Kingdom. After this, I got a lift from one of the Al Muwayh doctors (Dr. Effat) in whose car and company I returned to Al Muwayh and my home on Sunday evening. 

I hired two men to completely clean my house, then settled in to rest for the night. I would resume my duty on the next morning, i.e. Monday morning. Thus, I am now ready to begin my duties ...

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