Thursday, March 27, 2014

An on-call week: The usual grind

The week that is ongoing is an on-call week for me; this means that while I do not have to see routine O.P.D. patients, I am to respond to all emergency calls, and look after all the new admissions, whether from the O.P.D. or the Emergency room, PLUS I have to manage any and every baby that is born this week in the hospital.
The week runs from Sunday morning until the evening of the following Saturday. As I write this on the night of Wednesday, I have three whole days of on-call still in balance.
On Monday, I was alone, since my partner was on a day's leave to visit the Muderiya in Taif. It seems that he has paper work to finish before his scheduled exit in the next couple of months.
I am currently watching a new TV series by the name "ATLANTIS". It is mythological, but I have watched the first few episodes, and they were world-class! At the same time, my romance with "Breaking BAd" (Season 5) continues. It is perhaps one of the best-made TV serials I have ever watched anywhere.
I made a few new food items in the last four days. They include upma for breakfast and full-masoor ki black dal. Hoping to enjoy the dal. The upma was excellent.
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