Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I am once again getting used to a bit of walking

Naturally, since my car has not yet been found! I remember my first year here - when I had no car and had to hitch-hike with other doctors, or locals to reach the hospital or travel to Taif. Now, however, things are different. After using the car that I had up until a few days ago, I have sort of become so used to driving it everywhere that walking is alien to me! Of course, I still walk almost every day as part of my fitness activity, but that is in the evenings. Whereas, what I am talking about is, like, walking to the hospital in the morning as well as after the lunch break, and walking home from the hospital in the afternoon for lunch and in the evening at the end of duties. In addition, since I am perpetually on call, I have to sometimes go to the hospital in off-duty hours as well to attend to emergencies.

I have gone around my village and also around it a couple of times to search for my old car, but no result so far. The police have no news to share either. I have also asked my hospital director to talk to the police and to influential people in the village. 

In the meantime, life goes on. Yesterday was so-so. I had a couple of ER calls, but nothing great to talk about. A gynec. colleague who is leaving within a few weeks wants to dispose of his car, and I may accept his vehicle if the price is right. Yesterday, I rode with him in his car and also drove it for a short while. Although his car is in pretty good shape, it is 17 years old, and his asking rate seems a little high, so negotiations are going on.

I have requested for a much-needed break next week ... and will travel to Taif if there is a replacement found. 

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