Saturday, June 07, 2014

Dayre: Blogging on the Go

A Singapore-based organisation has released a mobile-phone based blogging platform as an app. This app is called "Dayre". My blog was seen as a promising one by them, and one Karen Koh contacted me about 20-22 days ago. I was asked to download the app on my Android-based phone, sign up with a free membership, learn the ropes of the site, and begin blogging from 1st of June for 3 months. The site offers its bloggers an opportunity to reach a much wider audience with this app. An honorarium of at least USD 300 would be paid out to all active bloggers, while winners would be given a scholarship running into thousands of US dollars. They are also gifting a limited-edition Dayre mobile phone to their bloggers. I have been told that my phone is on its way to me, although I haven't yet received it.


The first week of blogging on Dayre has been an unique experience. It has panache. It has a wow element. What is lacking, though, is the fact that bloggers must blog on it through their mobiles alone, and cannot compose their entries from a laptop or any larger electronic device. Be that as it may, my own experience has been quite interesting. For those who wish to know more about my blog presence on Dayre, please download Dayre app on your Android or iOS phone, sign up, and then search for http://dayre.me/drtaher to see my entries. 

Thank you. And yes, if you wish, you can also blog there, by creating your own ID. So, what are you waiting for, go and check it out!

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