Sunday, July 19, 2015

After Ramadan

Ramadan Eid was celebrated some days ago, and it was a relief to see the month pass. This is not just about the rigours of fasting. It is also about the changed duty timings, the unavailability of things in the market during several hours of the day, and also between Maghrib and Tarawi prayers, and some other minor inconveniences. 

During the days surrounding the Eid, we have what is known as the "murabta" - which is the compulsory duty period if you wish to get compensation in the form of either extra pay or extra days of vacation (you can choose one of the two). During these days, every staff member attends duties. In the ER it is not unusual to see 4, or even 5 doctors in one duty shift! Nurses are always available - except for the Saudi brothers, who disappear during the Eid days. It is a good time to socialise, to meet your friends in the hospital and to reflect. At the same time, the overcrowding with the absence of patients makes one realise that this is a system that does not work in the correct way. Why enforce attendance at a time when there are hardly any patients? I am still trying to get an answer to this question. 

One of the minor inconveniences is the unavailability of things in the markets for several days after the Eid. This is because suppliers send their stuff in trucks; and these truck drivers are on holiday! When I visited a supermarket today, I found the vegetable and fruit racks empty. The bakery shops are closed, as are the small snack bars (the buffiyas). There is no one to open the shop that sells water by the can for drinking and cooking purposes. In short, there is a pseudo-shortage of several items, because the locals have already hoarded up on these things before the Eid. And also because the workers are just not around. 

I expect that things will begin to improve by tomorrow, which is the 4th day after Eid. Ameen to that.

In other news, I am continuing my efforts to write a book on my MRCPCH journey. It would be my attempt to help future students to take these exams. My efforts are also on to search for a job either in the Emirates or in the UK - this must happen soon, as I am due to exit the Kingdom within the next few months. I have signed up for writing job tasks on a few web-sites - an attempt to test myself to do constructive work in my spare time. (Do check out http://www.freelancer.com if you are also interested - and not just for writing jobs.)

That's it for now. Thank you for reading. I will await your comments and constructive feedback. Eid Mubarak to my Muslim and non-Muslim friends. May your coming months be prosperous and peaceful. 

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