Sunday, November 08, 2015

Announcing a new blog and some other news

Just a few days ago, I created my new blog which, like the Arabian life blog, will take forward my experiences in the United Kingdom. Check out the blog HERE. While I cannot promise that this blog will reach the top ratings on any scale, I do promise that you will see much more colour and fun in this blog as compared to my arabian blog, as life is likely to be more colourful and enjoyable there. However, my prediction is that while I posted fairly frequently from Saudi Arabia, I may not be able to do the same with my UK blog as my work schedules are likely to be much more tight. Be that as it may, do check out the new blog and read my first post ...

In other news, I have just completed sleep studies on my own self as I have had obstructive sleep apnea since 25+ years. The study showed that I was getting OSA almost once every minute. This means that my airways would collapse so much that oxygen supply to my lungs would stop to the point where my body would suffer from a lack of oxygen almost every minute. It might explain why I have had numerous other side-effects of it such as forgetfulness, tiredness, day-time sleep, an increased obesity and so on. The technicians then attached a small device which will blow air into my lungs through a nose-piece that I would have to wear every night for some years to come. He repeated the night study with this device in place, and it showed, not surprisingly, that my apneas virtually disappeared and I had markedly improved oxygenation of my blood through the night. I have therefore decided to purchase the device and use it for the required period to resolve my snoring and OSA problem.

Yesterday night, I met with a small accident when I braked my two-wheeler suddenly to avert banging into a car that swerved left ahead of me without a show of turn lights or hand signals at one of the densest roads in my area - Mohamedali Road. As a result, I sprained my right hip and right shoulder, in addition to a scrape on my left knee. 

And that, basically, is the news for now. Thanks for reading. 


Unknown said...

Hi Taher,

Congratulations on your new job and the beginning of a new chapter in your life. We look forward to reading about your experiences in U.K. and I am sure you will have much more fun in this part of the world.

Hope you are well after your accident. All the best.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new occupation and the start of another part in your life. We anticipate perusing about your encounters in U.K. furthermore, I am sure you will have a fabulous time in this piece of the world. Plan Kerala tours for relaxing vacation.

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