Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hello to all ye blog readers

My name is Taher. This means a lot of things in a lot of different ways, but in essence, this means "the guy who came in from the cold and has started blogging". Oh, I know what you are thinking. This fella is out here to bore the hairs out of our pates/armpits/what-have-you.

Before you all go and push that "Start/End" button on your monitor, let me hasten to add that I am a NoRmAl PeRsOn. I mean, as normal persons go, I am a shining K-O-H-I-N-O-O-R. I am as unpredictable, fart as much, snore as much and eat as much - okay, the last three are probably lies (I fart more, snore more and eat more than) -as any other person on this planet.

Would you like to see what I look like on a normal day? Okay, here goes: (see the image above).
Laughing, aren't you? Well, don't. Wipe off that smirk RIGHT NOW. I am not that beautiful, I know (aren't all beasts more beautiful than us humans?) Besides, I don't even have that image's copyright. But seriously, that is exactly how I feel about myself today. Like a newly born hedgehog, you mean? No, like an inconsequential humbug. More tomorrow. Or later. Whatever.

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