Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A little peek into my conscious mind

Hi. Strange on my part to not make any additions this last week. Blame it on my jeans. I had just one pair of them, and I accidentally damaged them when I tried to cross the road below my office. I wasn't wearing them, you know. I had just kept them wrapped around my midriff (and there's a lot of that with me, LOL). So what happened is like I was about to cross the road when this funny-looking dude appears from nowhere (No, no, I am not making all this up: just read on ... thanks). He takes one look at me and without as much as an "excuse me", he catches hold of my said jeans and turns me around like a whiplash and throws me on the ground, jeans in his hands, ripped and torn. I run away like the scabies is after me! The said jeans's pockets had the drafts of my next six days' blogs.

So that's what has happened... .Got it?


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