Monday, August 24, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Sounds quite crummy as a blog title, doesn't it? Well, I don't have anything momentous to say right now, so I decided to go with smaller stuff that can add up to something readable ... or so I hope.

... I want to say that of the many things that really encourage me, the most encouraging of all is the smile that my patients give me as they improve and recover from whatever illness has put them under the weather.

... I want to say that even if a patient pays me less than what I deserve, I am satisfied if the patient or his/her parents extend a hand of friendship and cooperate with the treatment plan properly.

... I want to say that I love to eat street food: this may be one of the reasons why I seldom fall ill with gastrointestinal problems as my gut flora is used to being abused.

... I want to say that I don't subscribe to the patients and parents' oft repeated worry that eating bananas and curd will make their child ill and suffer from cough and cold. In fact, I don't mind if the child even has an ice-cream, as long as he/she is also taking medicines properly.

... I want to say that I think my parents are now really, really old, as they hardly leave the house, fall ill often, and my dad gets breathless even if he has to utter a few sentences in a row, and my mom suffers from cardiac anxiety and is always scared to venture out of the house.

... I want to say that I enjoy eating. So much so that I know that even if I skip lunch every single day during Ramadan (the month of fasting), I am not going to lose any weight. Underline the word "any". In fact, don't be surprised if I actually gain weight.

... I want to say that Pediatric practice is a very flucutating form of medical practice. The climate decides if the pediatrician is gonna be busy or not in his office. Right now, with swine flu raging around us (more as a media hype than actual pandemic), practice is really good. I am not complaining.

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