Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Taxing times

It has been my observation that when it does not rain enough, times become tough for every one; for the farmer, it means a reduced time window for sowing seeds that ripen and bloom in the coming year and yield crop and hence, reduced annual crop yield and reduced income; for the townie, it means reduced freight (transportation) of the harvested grain to be taken to the big city; for big cities, it means reduced amount of grain and vegetables in the markets, and higher prices of the same; for the stock markets, it is a period of gloom as a good monsoon spells positive news for India, which is, by and large, an agrarian economy; for politicians, it means an era of broken promises; for the housemaker, it is a time of shortages and delicately balancing the market purchases against a fixed household income; for corporates, it means tightening the money belt, with reduced ad spends, reduced allocation to the company's wages account, and so on.

We had good rains in the third and half of the fourth weeks of July, but after this, the rains have played truant. Almost none so far since the 25th of July.

Let's wait and see.

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