Friday, January 15, 2010

A meeting of old friends, and a new blog is born

Around the end of December 09, old friends, classmates, actually, from our class in Medicine met at a 5-star hotel in Suburban Mumbai (the J W Marriott) for talk and dinner. The meeting was organised by Ketan Gundavda, Purvish Parikh and others, and was totally sponsored by two of our own class-mates, Dhiren and Akshay Shah. I attended the meeting with Nishrin, and so did about 30-odd class mates. From the proceedings of this meeting, it was decided that we would try and meet more often; also, I took upon myself the responsibility to create a blog and a Yahoo group for our class. Thus, the blog and the group have been created. I look hopefully to the future and wish that class-mates will participate in these two energetically.

Here is a photo of the group of classmates taken at the above meeting.

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Unknown said...


It's always a fun and refreshing to see gals around. I don't know when I gonna experience that same feeling you had.