Saturday, January 02, 2010

A New Year, and some new resolutions ...

I hereby resolve to try and cut down my intake of food ... glorious food, ravishing food, delicious food, energising food, food that creates happiness, ecstasy, joy, satiation, all-round satisfaction, merriness, a spring in the step, a dance in the waist, a rumble in the stomach, a pain in the heart, a gas in the colon, a stiffness in the knee .... okay, I know you know what I am driving at: It is a simple truth that the things that give us the most pleasure are often the things that also cause sickness, pain and suffering.

I also resolve to return to this blog at least once every 10-12 days and put in an entry. I thank the people who are following this blog despite my infrequent entries! I need to crystallise my thoughts and this blog is a good way of doing the same.

I also resolve to celebrate my 50th birthday in style, and to travel abroad with my family in the coming year. I hope I earn enough to sponsor this trip, and I urge the readers to pray for me in this regard.

Finally, I resolve to cut down on the time I currently spend on Facebook, playing games that are inane, useless, time-consuming, and full of tripe, and also fun, spirited, worth a lot more than the money that I earn (virtual money, of course) playing these games.

What resolutions have you all made? Do comment.

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