Thursday, April 07, 2011

Back to exercising

About 15-20 days ago, (just a few days before I lost my cousin Aslam at a young age of 42 to a massive coronary) I resumed exercise in the form of a daily walk. There is a very nice, well-maintained hill-top garden at Mazgaon known as the John Baptista Garden. I used to go there some years ago for my daily walks, but I had given this up in favour of intermittent stints with the various gymnasia which include the Gyms at Saifee Hospital, City Centre (Talwalkar's) and the one at Dongri (Mission Fitness).

Starting wasn't difficult, but I realised, to my horror, that my body had certainly grown old; I am obviously grossly over-weight and sport a tummy that is a mother of all tummies!I remember doing 7-8 rounds of the garden during the earlier period, but now, even after 10 days or more, I am barely able to complete more than 6 rounds. Also, I combine the rounds (mostly walking, but a few rounds running) with some amount of calisthenics, aerobics, floor exercises and so on. The entire rigmarole takes more than an hour. I end it with a vegetable drink like neem or tulsi or karela drink, available just outside the garden. Sometimes, I stop to have upma, poha or idlis. I even take these for my kids when I am returning home.

All in all, this has been a good start and I am patiently waiting for the scales to show a weight loss,but I am also looking at honing up my fitness quotient over the next few months, before I go on a vacation.

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