Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 5, Sunday, 20th November 2011

Today, for the first time, I had an almost uneventful day. I spent it doing all the usual things, such as visiting Ta'if city for purchase of provisions*, calling home from the calling cabins, eating food at the Thara restaurant, and using the net from an open garden just opposite the Gazzaz mall at Abbas square. The bright spot in today's events was that I was finally able to get cash in my hands through the transfer effected yesterday by my unnamed friend. He got the recipient's name changed to that of Dr. Mohd. Zahid, whom I have thanked earlier in this blog for his friendly attitude. When the transfer did get credited in the Samba Bank branch near Abbas square, I called up Dr. Zahid, and he very kindly came to the bank, where he had to first open a new account, and then sign on the voucher to accept the cash sent by my friend. Zahid came very soon, and the money was in my hands thereafter.

Other than these few things, I spent a lot of time writing the entries of the blog which you see on this page or have seen earlier on this blog.

Nothing else to write about. Tomorrow, I go to collect my test reports at the King Faisal Hospital, and hopefully, to the Muderiya for final contract and posting.

*The provisions included the purchase of different kinds of lentils for preparing dal, the quintessential Indian dish, three plastic containers for storing these lentils, one small packet of cummin seeds and a container for the same, a new tooth-paste, an electric iron (Philips brand, without steam), and some other stuff that I perceived to be needed in the house.             

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