Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Days 11 and 12: Saturday, 26th and Sunday, 27th November, 2011

I am combining these two days as they almost replicate each other in the sense that nothing exciting happened on either of these days. 

The next two days saw me awaiting the vehicle that would come from Al Muwayh Hospital and take me to their place. It happened this way, actually: in the morning, after a cuppa shaai (tea with sugar but without milk), I called up Dr. Shehab, the medical director of the Al Muweh Hospital. I told him that as promised to him on Tuesday afternoon, I was now back after my visit to Jeddah and the Umrah. Could he, therefore, please arrange to send a car or some vehicle to Ta’if to pick me up and take me to his place?

Dr. Shehab promised that he would inform the ambulance driver, who would call me back to confirm his arrival in Ta’if either today evening or tomorrow morning. This suited me fine. My other two house mates had already gone to work, and I was feeling bored of just sitting around and doing nothing. I cooked some potato bhaji and had it with bread for lunch. Dr. Raid called me in the afternoon to check if I had cooked anything. I told him I had made rice and potatoes.

On his return from work, Raid tasted and liked the potatoes enough to have some for his lunch. In the evening, I made a trip to Panda at Ta’if’s Heart Mall. This is a huge supermarket within an even larger mall. The mall is located adjacent to Ta’if Tower or Ta’if Burj (the tallest building in Ta’if). My target was to find a decent place to sit and surf the net from. I found some seating chairs and a glass-top table that suited me just fine. I used a thin paper magazine that I had among all the stuff in my laptop bag to run the optical mouse. Surfing was too good, and I managed to call my family with Action voip, and also chatted with them using Skype. In addition, I wrote three new blog entries and posted them all.

After I had had my fill of the internet, I packed up and went upstairs to the food court and took out an order of rice with tandoori chicken from a food store whose name I could not decipher as it was in Arabic. The cost: SR 17. I took this back with me to my house, and had the food in the kitchen.

On the next day, too, I called up Dr. Shehab, who again made me a promise to expedite the process of my shift to Al Muwayh. His ambulance did not turn up today either. I spent the day doing this and that, and went back to Panda for some more internet surfing, and returned to spend the night at my house in Mukhattat-ul-Visam. Before going to sleep, I resolved to call up Dr. Shehab tomorrow and finalise my departure from my current address as soon as possible. There was nothing more to do, and I turned in by midnight.

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