Friday, June 01, 2012

Holiday over, coming back

Dear Readers, 

Today, I am taking the return flight to Saudi Arabia after completing my brief vacation. Will land in Jeddah by sunset, Inshallah. I intend to join work in a day or two. My holiday in India (specifically, Mumbai, and with the family, a 10-day vacation to Sikkim and Darjeeling) went off nicely, but for the worsening general health of both my parents. My dad will soon go on dialysis as he has been detected to have renal failure, and mom continues to be cardiac-handicapped and is restricted to the house. 

Will write more later ... am getting ready to go to the airport now.

Thank you all for reading.

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MUHBEEN said...

it was a pleasure to see u after a long time. all the best to u. have fun and take care. May Allah make things easy for ur parents too.