Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend on ... Day 220, Thursday, 21st June 2012

I am writing this at about 1:00 a.m. in the morning on Friday. One day of the weekend has passed, and the other is on. It has been a lazy working week, and Thursday was no different. The only discomfort I had to accept and accommodate for was that I had to go out a long way to have my brunch. Readers may not all be aware that currently, I am staying in a room inside the hospital, and not with Dr. Shahid at my old place as Dr. Shahid's family has come from India and they need the privacy. 

My hospital room is a simple affair with a clean decor, about 250 sq. ft. of carpet space, a large, clean wash-room with an efficient shower, a single bed and a few chairs and so on. Certain essentials are missing, for example, a refrigerator and a geyser inside the bathroom. Also, there is no stove and no kitchen. Hence, I have to bring my food for the next morning and afternoon in advance on the previous night, at least on the working days. On the weekend, however, I decided to go to the restaurants AT meal-times and have fresh food. Accordingly, I went to the local Kerala restaurant for a brunch of dosas with traditional sambar and a masoor-dal.

I went to the same place for dinner as well, and had a fish curry with chapatis. The fish pieces were good, but a little too big for my appetite, and I had to leave behind a large chunk on the plate. 

In between, I did a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I saw a few episodes from the famous serial Modern Family, slept for an hour and a half in the evening, and downloaded some books from the net. I also chatted with both my daughters, spoke to mom and also Nishrin. I spent some time chatting with the resident doctors in the ER, in particular, Dr. Measser and Dr. Ehab. The former is a Syrian general surgeon, while the latter is a Physician from Sudan. 

Today, I walked over 5.5 km, to the garden and back. As this was after a relatively long time, I am nursing my legs right now as they are hurting.  I intend to continue vigorous walking in the days to come as well. 

That's about it for now. Cheers!

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