Friday, October 05, 2012

Attended a party at the home of Dr. Yasser

Dr. Yasser Mahmoud Al-Shibiny is my paediatrician colleague at the Al Muwayh General Hospital. His wife and he were blessed with a son, Abdul Rehman a few months ago. He celebrated the "haquiqa" of his son by inviting all the doctors and some others at his residence on the evening of Thursday, 4th October 2012. He stays at the extreme Northern end of the town. I went with my DSLR camera (at his request) with Dr. Narendra. Everyone had a very good time. We all met and blessed his son, who was unmindful of the several people who kissed his forehead. Dr. Yasser was beaming with pride and was effusive and very cordial to each one of us. 

After tea, we were all served the traditional lamb + rice mandi, i.e. the rice tray is topped with a generous helping from the sacrificed goat and presented covered by aluminium foil. We all had a good meal. The meat was tender, but, as with the traditions of Arab food, it was almost bland. However, to be honest, I liked it. A can of Pepsi helped put the food in!

There was unlimited black tea and kahwa, the herbal hot tea that is a traditional drink of Saudi Arabia (and perhaps the other Arab countries as well). I used to hate the taste of kahwa, but I must say that the taste has gradually grown on me, and I now like to have it. 

Dr. Amr' Hilal had brought his own Canon 1000D camera, and was also busy taking pictures. We all had a good time. I requested Dr. Narendra to leave at about half past ten, and he obliged. I was back home within the next few minutes, having spent a happy two and a half hours ... not studying.

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