Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Into the final week

As I write this on the eve of Wednesday, 3rd October 2012, I must share that I am into the final week of my preparation for the MRCPCH exams part 1. I am appearing on the 9th of this month at Jeddah. Studying was going great until a few days back, but now, I guess I am slipping into a state of extreme boredom. I have certainly a lot left to read, but with no time to read so much, I am sort of resigned to my fate. I am part of a study group on FB. We are eight members, of whom six are females and two, males. The members are from Egypt (5), Sudan (2) and India (self, one).  The group has done great revision work in the last three months, and I am really proud of this. As a result of the hard work we have all put in, I hope that Lady Luck smiles on me, and all the rest of us, on the D-day, and we all  clear the exams. 

The last week was eventful. Saturday began the week with a team of people descending on the hospital from the Muderiya Saahaa (Ministry of Health) office of T'aif. The day was hectic as well, because there was a huge stream of patients both in the OPD as well as the Emergency Area (the tawaari). I expect that a lot of things may change in the coming weeks ...in fact, I saw a few new nurses yesterday ... and this is a welcome change. 

I kept studying in the home, but also took out the time to do the normal household chores. Cooking, ironing the clothes, running the washing machine, sweeping the carpets, etc. do take up a lot of time, but there is no alternative to these activities, other than postponing them as much as possible, or hiring outside help. Both these options are not viable, the first, because if you postpone them, they keep piling up ... and what will you eat once the foodstuffs get over; the second, because in a small place like Al Muwayh, it is not possible to easily locate trustworthy and unselfish people who will do your job for you.

On Monday evening, I went and bought myself a brand new, small-size Samsung Microwave Oven for SR 320/= It was a pleasure to start using it the same night by heating chapatis and vegetable made earlier. I think this was the first time I spent money for purchase of something tangible ... otherwise, I keep spending money on eatables and travel.

Dr. Yasser, my co-pediatrician has invited me (and all the other doctors) to attend the "haquiqa" of his newborn baby on Thursday, 4th October 2012 (i.e. tomorrow) after Ishaa. Hope I can go with Dr. Narendra. 

Dr. Amr' is arranging the entire Haj thing with a tour organiser and mostly we (i.e. all the doctors from the hospital) will be going with someone who has a cheaper itinerary ... expect to shell out about SR 1800 to provide for 5 days' stay, travel etc. Food will not be included in the package. I wish that my Haj desire is granted by Allah this year.

Dr. Shehaab has been interacting with the Hospital director in connection with a favourable evaluation for me, and I am happy to inform you all that this may, in fact, materialise. There may be some hurdles yet, but I think I might end up with an "excellent" evaluation, meaning a slight salary increment for me for the next year.

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