Sunday, June 16, 2013

A meeting with Dr. Muzaffar Shakeel; yet another barbecue.

Dear Readers,

Thank you all for being my regular readers. I am encouraged greatly by your visits to create a page for my blog on Facebook. You can find the page HERE. The last few days have been eventful. For some months now, I have been in touch with Dr. Muzaffar Shakeel. He is a Hyderabadi Indian staying at Abha in Saudi Arabia with his family. Armed with the medical degree, he has also cleared the Diploma in Health Administration from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (page). The good doctor's wife is working in Saudi Arabia, and he is being a good spouse, parent and so on to his family. However, as he told me when I met him, he does intend to work in the capacity of Hospital Admin, once he has completed some additional qualifications.

So, how did this first meeting of two internet pals come about? Dr. Shakeel is a ghumakkar (traveller) just like me and decided to take a solo car trip of more than 1200 km from Abha to Riyadh.
Dr. Shakeel at my house
He was in touch with me before doing so, and he started out on Friday, the 14th of June early in the morning. Travelling for the first time on uncharted roads, he finally made it to Al Muwayh in the evening. I offered him my home to rest overnight before proceeding further, and he accepted most graciously. Accordingly, we spent Friday night at my place. I took him on a "tour" of Al Muwayh, and he was pleasantly surprised to discover that this is not a small, nondescript village (as he had believed it to be) but almost a small town. For dinner, we had thawed food from the freezer (my Mumbai-parcelled kheema-pateyvaliya) with roti.

During the course of the evening, he shared many pictures of interesting places from within the Kingdom that he has visited. It was my turn to be surprised by sights of lakes, flowers and greenery, rains and verdant hills, farms and meadows, etc. from the southern areas of Saudi Arabia. We finally slept after mid-night.

He left for his onward journey the next morning, while I went for my duty.

Saturday evening saw me joining Drs. Measser, Mohamad Abd'Jawad and Moataz Talaat for a barbecue session at the garden. 

Dr. Mohamad Abd' Jawad

Dr. Moataz Talaat

Barbecue session in full progress

Thorough fun

Our cute uninvited guest

The guest jumps for a morsel
 It was the ideal windy and balmy evening for having a great time. The chicken also turned out perfect. (Usually, it is Dr. Measser's mother and wife who marinade and dress the chicken for our barbecue sessions, and this time was no different). The difference was that unlike on the previous occasions, Dr. Sheshtawy was absent, and Drs. Mohamad and Moataz were new members of the crew. Dr. Measser not only brought the chicken, he also brought with him water, a stove to make tea, plates and spoons, and various other paraphernalia to make the evening memorable. Dr. Mohamad brought the soft drinks, while I took with me freshly cooked rice, some more plates and water and stuff that is too inconsequential (but necessary) to mention here. 

As my blog readers are aware, this was the third barbecue session I have participated in, and I am happy to report that this was perhaps the best one in terms of the climate we enjoyed, the final taste of the chicken, and the fun we all had. Thank you, Dr. Measser (and your family), for making our experience so memorable.

That's it for now.  Hope you enjoyed this entry!

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