Sunday, November 10, 2013

A photo gallery - unusual snaps from inside the desert country

Over the last few months, I have clicked some interesting pictures of things happening around Al Muwayh and also within it. I may have already shared some of the following pictures earlier; if so, I beg your indulgence to check them out again as they make an interesting comment on how things are in this area of Saudi Arabia.

So, here goes:
New shop: sweets on display
Each of these hampers costs between SR 20-25 ... and it makes for a great treat.
It's a watch? A Samsung Gear? No ... it's a medical device
This watch-like device can activate an instrument within the body of a child with repeated fits; the instrument was implanted under the skin of this 5-year old's chest and would stop a fit when this watch-like device is brought next to it and passed across it. This is called a Vagal stimulation device. The implantation is not available in India yet.

A lovely fruit-salad created for a party by the Filipino nurses in our 
This is an aerial view of a small traffic island park in the center of Ta'if
A new football ground and race-track has been built in Al Muwayh.
This ground is being used very sparsely for football alone; no one has ever used the track laid alongside it. The ground can't be used after sunset as there are no lights and it is located in a remote area.
The Ministry of Health's new Operating Room dress
... and the drapes on a patient under anaesthesia.
The new materials are ALL DISPOSABLE - including the patient drapes, the doctor's and nurses' uniforms, etc. Makes for a sky-blue atmosphere, but where the chances of infection, I presume, would be reduced as all the material is thrown away for safe disposal after one-time use.

A picture of a petrol pump in Riyadh.
Another photo of some offerings from the sweet shop
... and this is the last one
A lovely candle used by the Filipinos at a party to celebrate a friend's birthday.
Potato bhaji made by me
A custard with choco-chips packed separately

Bridal gowns available in a Ta'if mall

These steel bars provided some fun for these locals

A nice toy that was kept on the table
The occasion was the Saudi National Day and this was kept, along with the next item, on the lunch table as an attraction.

I adorned my computer table with these green takeaways from the hospital
 This was also on the Saudi National Day ... green is their national colour.

How a juice shop ought to be decorated

This is the inside of a special tent of a rich local Al Muwayhian

He is the "king" of this house!

That, on the right, is the hearth ... for lighting a fire in winter

This cat is cute, but also intrusive and curious.
 He/she stays in the local garden where I go for my daily walks. His/her intrusiveness is awkward when we sometimes gather to eat food or cook chicken at a barbeque.

Locals posing for me with their ... ah ... moustaches.

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