Saturday, November 02, 2013

New month ... and some new thoughts

Before I proceed with the personal stuff, let me wish all my readers a HAPPY DIWALI and a PROSPEROUS NEW SAMWAT YEAR. Also, let me wish my Bohra readers HAPPY THAAL NU VARAS and all my Muslim brethren HAPPY HIJRI/MISRI NEW YEAR.

Okay, so I last posted about 5 days ago, and in the intervening days, I have been on-call. Life is as usual. I continue to walk about 5-6 km daily evening, trying to set a pace of at least 5.7-6.0 km/hr. My friend Emaam Sayyad is my companion, and my rather slower pace is because of the fact that a) he cannot walk faster and b) we chat while walking. Even so, I believe that I am feeling fitter. I don't think I have, as yet, lost any significant weight, but perhaps I have lost an inch off my rather humungous abdomen. I try and eat less at meal times, but it is the mid-meal snacking that is my nemesis. I have set a goal of reducing at least 2-3 kg in the next fortnight or so, but let's see what happens!

In other news, I finally finished my online courses in "Animal Behaviour" and "Vaccines". I "un-enrolled" myself from the course on "Global Warming" due to lack of time. I have begun Week 1 of a course on Diabetes and am waiting to start a course on Nanotechnology later this month.

I was in Ta'if last week and brought back a lot of edible stuff so I haven't really cooked anything substantial; however, yesterday, I tried my hands at making dosai; they weren't really good, but you could eat them and still maintain a smile on your face. A little chatni was what I had them with. With the left-over batter, I made a masala utthappam, which I had for lunch. Thus, I had better success with these things than I had had when I had tried it the first time. One of the reasons for this might be that I used a new large non-stick pan that I have bought from Ta'if last week. I shared the dosai with some leftover sambar that I had from my last experiment.

That's it for now ... see you around. Do leave your comments. Thank you.

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