Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An unexpected problem ...

This will be just a brief entry. The truth of the matter is that I did not receive my monthly salary, which should have got credited into my account yesterday night/early morning today. 

The problem occurred because of an error that could have been easily avoided. I have gone on a vacation thrice during my first contract, and when I returned to the Kingdom, all I did was to deposit my passport and retrieve my "iqama" from the Ministry of Health's Ta'if office, and then return to Al Muwayh and resume my duties. This time, too, I did the same, but, unfortunately, the hospital did not inform the Ministry about the resumption of my duties. There was, thus, no entry in the computer at the Ministry's Ta'if office about my return. They have, therefore, withheld my salary!

When I spoke to other doctors in the hospital, they informed me that I was supposed to have taken some papers from the MOH office upon my return, get it endorsed by a few concerned officers, then take this paper to my hospital and have the hospital issue a letter to me ("re-joining" letter), which would then be forwarded back to the MOH for appropriate re-conciliation into their records. 

As I was not aware of this protocol, I was completely in the dark about this non-appearance of my salary for the first time since I came to the Kingdom. Alas! I have, during my duty, helped create the relevant letter, and this letter has been faxed to the MOH office for action. In any case, I will have to borrow money from friends in this month, as my salary will now be sent only next month!

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