Monday, February 10, 2014

Good news and possibly bad news

As of yesterday, I have been given the additional responsibility of becoming the Director of Patient Safety in Al Muwayh General Hospital. Now, whenever someone gets a "title" it should be good news, right? The reason why this news has given me mixed reactions is that this job needs a lot of work: one has to draft protocols, interact with the ministry, be ready for periodic overhauling of the system, and be prepared for evaluation of your department by a special team that would be sent from the Ministry of Health. In other words, the post is time-consuming and tiring if one applies oneself to it assiduously. I am therefore not very exhilarated. 

There are other bits of news as well: I am writing this from Ta'if where I am lodged in a hotel room. Today, I attended a refresher course for Basic Life Support (BLS) or what is called CPR in normal parlance. I passed the course, which means that I now have the BLS certificate renewed for two more years.

In other news, I managed to get signatures from two qualified MRCPCH doctors to attach to my application form for part 3 of the exam. These two doctors were both working in the Children's Hospital in Ta'if. The first, Dr. Gaafar, is a senior Sudanese consultant, while the second, also a consultant paediatrician, is Dra. Amal from Egypt. Both of them were kind enough to give me their bona fides without much ado, and my thanks go to them both. The flip side of this news is that I do not know when and where I will give my Part 3 exams, as the centers in Jeddah and Dubai are both already over-subscribed for May 2014. In view of this, I did not prepare the payment for the exam, and will await the announcement of dates from India, where, too, I can go and give my examinations. 

My car again gave me trouble - yesterday, as I entered Ta'if city, it stopped suddenly when I was trying to negotiate an incline. It re-started after a wait of about 30 minutes, but stopped again as I reached the Ta'if center. I had to leave it there overnight and proceed to the hotel by the local taxi (dabbab). Today morning, after I got relieved from the BLS, I contacted Choudhary Shabbir, my local car mechanic and friend, and when he came to where the car was parked, it started immediately - without any intervention by him - so that I could take the car by my own self and park it near my hotel for the rest of the evening. Let us see what tomorrow brings. According to the mechanic friend, this car's engine is near moribund, and it will be safer for me if I dispose of this car and buy another one for the next year or so. Hmm ... I have to think seriously about this. 

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