Monday, April 14, 2014

The next few weeks

Since the past week or so, I am back into the mood to study. The good thing is that among us students, we have formed a group of 5-8 doctors, all with the aim of appearing for the final, Clinical part of the MRCPCH examinations later this year. Our group discusses cases daily evenings. One of us is actually living in the UK, one, in India and the rest of us in different localities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So far, we have sat for about seven sessions and the progress is tangible. 

I will be taking my off-days vacation starting Wednesday. I am hoping to go for Umrah this time. I also have work in the Muderiya, which will hold me up for some time on Wednesday morning in Ta'if. The next week, I would be on call for four days, and then I would be in Ta'if to attend a conference paid for by the MOH, with my name being submitted by my medical director Dr. Shehabeldin. Thus, my next ten-odd days will be crucial. At the end of the next week, Dr. Yasser, my paediatrician colleague, will complete his stint as a doctor for Al Moweh, and will proceed on a vacation before exiting the kingdom late next month and go back to Egypt.

That's it for now ... will connect with you, dear reader, within the next day or two.

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