Monday, November 17, 2014

Future trajectory: An update on where I am and where I plan to go from here on

As I had said at the beginning of my tenure in Saudi Arabia, my intention was to stay here for three years, and no more. However, some circumstances have forced me to continue my work here, albeit not for long. One of the main reasons was that although I had applied to the MRCPCH exams due in September 2014, I was not accepted at that time, so I had to stay on over here till I would be. I am happy to say that now I have been accepted for the January exams in India.

The second reason is that money requirements went up tremendously! Our Mumbai house has undergone recent renovation, and the estimates have got exceeded by nearly 100% because an unexpected situation arose while removing old furniture from the kids' room. The third reason is that both my children, as also myself, have invested money in better training  and education in our respective fields. Thus, while Inas recently completed a Make-up course, I have started a Ph. D. in Healthcare Management from an Online American University. Hannah is nursing ambitions of travelling to the U.S.A. to pursue higher management studies. 

The third reason is that I have no place to practice in Mumbai even if I were to return to India and resume my practice! As my well-wishers are aware, my better half and I used to work in the same place, and after I came to Saudi Arabia and sort of settled down, Nishrin decided to break-down the place and create a complete salon in lieu of a fractured clinic-cum-parlour.

The final reason is a little borne of introspection of where I was going with my practice before I left for Saudi Arabia. It is a fact that my practice had sort of levelled out, and there were no challenges and growth. Returning to the same environment and practising at a new location will mean starting from scratch. This is something that I dread to do. 

Hence I am looking at moving to the UAE. I have already passed their qualifying exam and received an eligibility letter from the Dubai Health Authority. Now, it is a wait for a great opportunity that will soon materialise - at least I hope so!

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