Monday, November 03, 2014

The Diet is over and ...

So, I completed the seven days' GM diet that I spoke about in my previous entry on this blog. The experience can be summed up as follows:

It was a unique diet, for sure. It was unlike any of my previous meals, diets, or weight-losing experiments. I have eaten all the things that I had to eat during the week I was on the diet, but never in this way, and in such combinations! I ate only fruit on day 1, only vegetables on day 2, only tomatoes and beef on day 5, and only milk and bananas on day 4! In this manner, the diet took me on a journey where I learned to discover how to control my urges to eat junk food, how not to crave for milk-tea, how to avoid eating any form of rice/wheat or other cereals (the diet only permitted brown rice on day 7) and how to avoid carbonated beverages altogether. Imposition of rules can cure even a person like me who can never resist all the above things in his daily diet!

In the end, I lost just 2.5 kg in 7 days, against a standard of 5 kg or even more reported all over the internet where GM diets are described, debated and discussed. I lost nothing from my waist or hip measurements; on day 6, in the evening, I experienced an episode of a low blood sugar, which led me to run and get myself some much-needed carbs; in that spell, I swallowed a tablespoonful of sugar, as well as about 4 medium-sweet cookies. This extra load of food rich in carbs must have blunted my diet-effects, for, on the next day, I had not lost, but actually gained a few hundred grams!

Where else did I cheat? One of my favourite foods is munching on dry fruit; my kitchen has a large tin with mixed, unsalted, plain dry fruit (cashew nuts, pistachio nuts and almonds); from this, I drew about a dozen or two of the nuts and ate them slowly on the 4th, 5th, 6th and the 7th days. In addition, I had one can of zero-cal Pepsi on day 5, a few extra helpings of sweet foods on the evening of day 6 when I went to the local garden to meet all the other Al Muwayh doctors to give a farewell party to our medical director Dr. Shehabeldin and a little excess of an allowed food on some of the days. 

Thus ended my fad diet of a week. I am inspired by some of the internet commentators who have been repeating the same schedule for a week each month. And, Allah willing, I plan to do the same as well. Thus, I will once again follow the GM diet in the last week of November, the last week of December and so on. 

Today was the eighth day. I am back to eating my normal food, but I continue to drink tea sans milk. And I haven't felt the difference.


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