Friday, January 30, 2015

Social Networking in India

As I have written on countless posts in this blog, whenever I return to India for a holiday, it is a social whirl-wind, and even when I have met a hundred people, some always get left out. I dine out on almost every alternate evening, and this goes on till I finish my holidays and go back to Saudi Arabia. This year, I have already eaten out more than half a dozen times in Mumbai within 15 days! (I am excluding the 7 days I spent in Ahmedabad and the 4 in Chandigarh). The coming week will see me dining out on Saturday, Sunday, and perhaps even Monday. 

After this, my family and I would be travelling for some days on a much-deserved vacation. 

The last week saw me, and then my family as well, entertaining my Polish travelling friend Anna. I took her to a tour in South Mumbai on the 27th, showing her some of the well-lit governmental buildings near CST, and then we also drove on Marine Drive (on my Honda Activa Scooter), ending up at Tardeo, where we ate at Sardar Pav Bhaji, the iconic pavbhaji restaurant. 

Anna and me outside the Standard Chartered Bank near Hutatma Chowk

The CST Building

The BMC Building

Saifee Hospital from Netaji Subhash Road

Then, after a gap of two days, my family and I took Anna to see a Hindi movie (Baby, 2015, starring Akshay Kumar, Danny Dengzongpa and Anupam Kher, among others) at Metro Adlabs, Dhobi Talao. The movie was not so bad, as it had just one song (with the credits at the end) and an action-packed story with a lot of English dialogues. Anna needed little help for translation, but not much.

The movie got over at about 10 p.m., and from there, we drove to Churchgate, where we had dinner at the Gaylord Restaurant. 

Seated for dinner
While Anna chose "Sabziyon Ka Tohfa" from the starters and ate that as the main course with a single Garlic Naan, the rest of us had Murgh Kali Mirch and Tandoori Pomfret Masala with assorted Indian breads. We finished a hearty and much-enjoyed meal at half-past eleven. After this, we took Anna back to her lodgings at Mumbai Central's International YMCA House, and we went back home by mid-night.

Anna gets busy shooting her hosts.

The next morning saw me go to Pune to meet my aunty Sakina-faiji, who recently lost her son Akhtar, and then my cousin Fatema Moonim, at whose residence, I had lunch, a lot of conversations, and learned a new board game (I cannot remember the name) before tea, after which I took her leave. I went and returned by the non-AC Dadar Pune bus service of the Government of Maharashtra. The journey takes about 3 hours, and considering that it was winter season, travelling by a non-AC bus wasn't really uncomfortable! In the process, I also saved some money, as the AC bus takes almost twice the fare of a non-AC bus.

Now, as I finish writing this, I am in the midst of more engagements! Over the next few days, I am slated to either just meet or to meet and eat/dine with others from within my social circle. Will tell you all about it soon. Until then, Bye!

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