Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Day 4 in Zalm

Well, as I had written in my previous post, I was assigned to go to Zalm for a week starting last Monday. It is now Wednesday evening. The work has been fairly light, and I spend my time watching TV series that I have downloaded on my laptop in the last several years. In fact, it is quite a change from the earlier toxic routine where I used to study with colleagues on Skype each day in the evening. Now that studies are no longer a requirement, I am enjoying my time doing things that I had kept off from doing the last few years. Zalm is a small village, and has nothing to attract a visitor, so I am mostly confined to my room. 

The way I pass the time also included going out with a Pakistani friend - Dr. Rahim Baksh/Baloch is an FCPS-qualified ENT surgeon from Karachi and is posted in Zalm. He stays alone, and is therefore available to me for spending some pal-time. We went out to eat on the past two days, and yesterday, it being my birthday (by the Gregorian calendar), it was my treat! Back home in India, my family cut a cake, which they did on Skype so that I could also witness it. On Facebook, I received more than 200 greeting messages on the wall, on Whatsapp, perhaps 4 dozen, and several of my friends wished me personally by calling me or messaging me through other apps like WeChat, Hangouts, etc. It felt nice to receive messages and calls from literally hundreds of people!

My request for an emergency exit is pending approval. 

Today, I officially received the MRCPCH Clinical exams result. I have passed, and will now need to apply to the Royal College for Membership (it is priced at approximately INR 40000 per year!) ... I am officially now able to write the letters after my name. Yippee.

Four more nights and three more days remain before I can return to Al Muwayh.

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