Monday, March 09, 2015

Finished Zalm duty and went to Muderiya for work

The 7-day duty at Zalm was quite routine and I was basically bored because internet was almost never available to me. Although my mobile has an internet-enabled SIM, this worked only for a few hours in the morning when locals were sleeping. Past ten a.m., the network refused to open any pages, forget about running games or apps. Thus, I spent the free time watching TV serial episodes and movies that I had on my laptop.

In fact, I completed watching FARGO - a very unique 10-episode thriller that I have had on my laptop since a few years. This story traces the fortunes of the inhabitants of a small town in Minnesota, U.S. in 2006 when a criminal lands among them. The role of the main actor who plays the bad guy was enacted by Billy Thornton. This is an amazing story and is completely based on TRUE EVENTS. I recommend this serial only for adults - and from among adults, only those who can stomach viewing violent events and blood. 

I also watched all the episodes of Gray's Anatomy Season 11 that I had on my laptop. The series is still going on, and to date, only 14 episodes have been aired. I think this series will appeal to everyone who wants to see medical stories mixed with romance, violence, etc. 

The only doctor who was helpful during all the seven days was the Pakistani ENT surgeon Dr. Rahim Baksh, whom I also mentioned in my previous entry. I went out with him on 2-3 occasions for dinner, and I also went to his home to access the net that he has there. Unfortunately, the STC router he has doesn't pick up the signals too well, and quite often, my visits to his place were not very productive. Be that as it may, what won my heart is that he always, ALWAYS agreed to let me go to his place. In fact, on my last day in Zalm, he had to go somewhere else, and he came to the hospital to hand me his house keys, and allowed me to go to his place without him being present. May Allah reward this fine man with His bounty.

On Sunday, after leaving Zalm, I went to Al Muwayh to meet my hospital and medical director, and then left for Taif to meet the important people in Muderiya, with whom I have filed my papers in request for an emergency exit. What happened there is not too interesting, but the gist of it is simple: I am not being permitted to leave the kingdom ahead of the end of my contract. I must, it seems, wait till the contract is OVER, which is about 5 months from now.

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