Wednesday, May 20, 2015

... and off to Zalm

As I had expected, I have been told to assume substitute duty in Zalm, starting today. This has been a regular experience of most doctors: to be sent elsewhere as soon as they arrive back in the kingdom after their vacation. So it has been with me! The precipitant, in my case, was the fact that there was already a locum paediatrician working with my colleague Dr. Afzal. This locum paediatrician is a Palestinian specialist from Children's Hospital, Taif. As a result of THREE of us being present in Al Muwayh, this shift, for me, was predicted to occur within a few days. The shift, though, has occurred within a day of my arrival ... so here I go to Zalm. As it is, I was without internet for most of the time here in Al Muwayh. What will happen when I reach Zalm is anybody's guess. I may not be able to post here or connect with the net while being there, except for short presences on the e-mail or on Facebook.

As and when the net connectivity is available, I will keep my readers posted.

Thanks for reading.

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