Monday, May 25, 2015

Five days over in Zalm and not much to write ...

Unless you count for the umpteen movies stored on my laptop that I have watched/am planning to watch over the next several days. Work here is much less compared to Al Muwayh. The Out-patient department sees a load of less than 10 patients in 9 hours! Accommodation on the first floor of the hospital is good. I have the last room in a row of seven rooms ... a blessing, because the Mobily network is best here. I have taken my chapatis from Al Muwayh to Zalm, and I prefer to eat those instead of the refined-flour khubz that they give us thrice a day. For the last week, I was alone, but from today, the original Pediatrician of Zalm, Dr. Hani Moharram, is back. We are thus, two doctors, with not much work to divide between us.

The hospital continues to be better than the Al Muwayh one. Not only is it newer, it is managed much more efficiently. They have done quite well in the annual inspection of the Infection Control Department (they got 95% on their assessment, which means they are the best peripheral hospital in the Taif region!) and the Patient Safety Department (where, too, they are no. 1 among peripheral hospitals, with 94% assessment). 

The unreliable internet means that I have to depend upon the help of an Egyptian radiologist who is staying in the room next to mine. He has a STC 4G router, and when he turns it on, the net is faster than a bullet train! Sometimes, though, he removes the SIM card from the router and puts it inside his mobile phone ... thereby disabling his WIFI. I tried to buy a new STC 2GB net card, and although it worked quite well from the morning until the evening, it has stopped connecting since then.

Dr. Magdy, my old friend from Al Muwayh, came over to Zalm some months ago, and has been working here since then. He informed me yesterday, though, that his request for transfer to the Children's Hospital in Taif has been accepted. Today morning, he finally left for Taif. As Dr. Parvez and Dr. Rahim Baksh are also absent, I am having to live without live company from Indians/Pakistanis or any south Asians.

That's all for today. Will return after some days to fill you in on what is happening.

P.S. I cleared the IELTS exam (Academic mode) with flying colours, getting 8.5 out of a possible 9.0 in the exam.

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