Monday, June 01, 2015

My Zalm duty continues after a day's leave

So, I took a day's leave to return to Al Moweh and meet my room-mate and finalise all dealings with him now and for after he leaves for India. As I do not have a car, I came to Al Moweh with Dr. Atef Abdulfattah, an erstwhile dispensary doctor of Al Moweh who was recently promoted to Specialist level and transferred to Zalm.His family continues to live in Al Moweh, and he commutes daily between Al Moweh and Zalm in the morning and in the opposite direction in the evening.

I ran my washing machine to wash all the pending clothes that I brought back to me from Zalm, and later, I relaxed, doing some work on the laptop, and speaking with my family members and stuff like that. I will relax here for a full day tomorrow before returning to Zalm. Nothing else to write about, so I will end this entry here. Thanks for reading,

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