Tuesday, June 16, 2015

News from Al Muwayh and Zalm

As I write this, I have received the news that today and tomorrow will be my last days here in Zalm and I will be required to report for duty back in Al Muwayh by Thursday, i.e. the day after tomorrow. I had taken a day's leave yesterday, and was in Al Muwayh in my house. Yesterday morning, Dr. Tahir Mir escorted Dr. Afzal Khan and me in his car to Taif. Dr. Afzal would leave us and proceed on his vacation by Wednesday. The house that we both stay in would therefore have just one occupant once I returned to Al Muwayh to complete the last few months of my stay here in Saudi Arabia. 

Dr. Mir was so kind that he remained with me while I went about shopping at various places in Taif in preparation for my solo stay in Al Muwayh. I purchased stuff from Panda, from Baab-Al-Rhea, from the Indian market, and so on. We returned to Al Muwayh in the evening, and I returned to Zalm today morning to be told that tomorrow I would be sent back to Al Muwayh as my duties were now over here in Zalm.

So, what else? My friend Dr. Parvez, the laboratory specialist in Zalm has joined back today. My other friend in the lab, Sr. Elizabeth returned to Al Muwayh from Zalm, where she had recently joined to work for 2 weeks. I have obtained some new friends' correct names and telephone numbers, and I would endeavour to connect with them on social media. Today evening, I plan to eat out with Dr. Rahim Baloch, the Zalm ENT specialist. We hope to eat at the Punjab Restaurant, a local dhaba that serves Lahori food. 

I am indebted to Dr. Atef, who works in Zalm as a Q and PS officer cum Orthopedic specialist. Over the last four weeks, it was his help with which I managed to take one-day breaks every week to go to Al Muwayh to relax and to re-furbish my wardrobe, medicines and snack items. The reason is that his house is in Al Muwayh although he works in Zalm, and he does a daily up-and-down from Al Muwayh to Zalm and back. 

Also, I got unexpected good help from Dr. Hany, who loaned me his car to go to Al Muwayh twice. He drives an old but powerful and trouble-free Mercedes sedan, and I can thus claim that I have driven a Mercedes car! When I offered to reimburse him for petrol, he smiled and refused to take any money. May Allah bless him. He is turning 64 and is going to exit the MOH job as early as within a few months.

Today is the eve of Ramadan for the Bohra community in India, and this also marks the 25th varas of Inas, my elder daughter. I hope to be able to witness the celebration on Skype in some time from now. How quickly time has passed ... she has completed a quarter of a century on this planet!

The coming Sunday will also be Father's Day, and I am all sentimental about it, remembering my own dad, who passed away more than 2 years ago. I expect my daughters will also be remembering me and may perhaps send me some token of their love with a courier that I have asked them to send (I have requested them to send me medicines, some books and stuff like that). 

My hope is that by tomorrow evening I would be back in my home in Al Muwayh. I can then start cooking ... and enjoying my life in KSA, as I have done in the past three years, give or take a few months. 

That's it for now. Thanks for reading. Do leave your comments here ... bye!

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