Thursday, September 03, 2015

Nearly done ...

Spending what might be my last evening in the Kingdom, I am humbled to retrospect and introspect about how things have gone for me since I came to this country. First of all, I know that this is perhaps the wrong blog where I should be doing this: it should be in my Arabia blog, so I am basically going to stick to easy reading here. 

I completed the last few tasks in the city of Taif. This included picking up my official ticketing papers from the Muderiya, then purchasing a ticket for my flight to India from Jeddah via Saudi Airlines. I also collected a recommendation letter from the office of the Patient Safety department of Taif, thanks to Dr. Mohamed Ragab Mohamed, the in-charge of PS in Taif. He was kind enough to help me, and issued me a good letter that I had formatted for him a few days earlier. 

In the evening, I went for a little window-shopping in the market behind the place where I am staying. It was a great experience. I did not yet buy anything, but will end up buying within a few hours. Browsing at watch-sellers' stores was very rewarding. I saw Citizen, Tissot, Rado, Seiko and other watches. Haven't yet decided to buy anything.

That's it for now ... will update again later.

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Sanwar Agrawal said...

Happy journey back home.
Take care