Saturday, September 26, 2015

Some photos of my meeting with Yogesh Kadu, who is my fourth adoptee child through World Vision

Yogesh is born on the 1st of August in 2001. He hails from Bandra West. I have adopted him to support his life and education through World Vision, a NGO that helps community development through adoption of children (for the purpose of educating etc.) He and I met at the office of the NGO in Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar in Mumbai. I was thrilled to meet him and his father. I intend to look after his welfare as long as possible. The current rules of the NGO allow sponsors to commit themselves to their wards until the latter have turned 18. That leaves me with about 4 years. If I want to continue my sponsorship beyond that, I must contact the NGO separately with my request to allow me to extend my sponsorship.

I presented him with a simple jeans and Tee shirt and some chocolates.

Here, we are posing just at the entry of the nearest railway station, a very clean GTBN station, located on the Harbour branch of Central Railway.


Sanwar Agrawal said...

Great job Taher. It must be immensely satisfying!

Taher Kagalwala said...

Thank you, Dr. Sanwar. Yes, it is. But I wish to do still more, and hands on, if you know what I mean.