Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 274, Tuesday, 14th August 2012: To Zalm and back

I had prepared my bag for substitutional duty at Zalm for 2 days, and so I went to the hospital to await further directions and arrival of a driver who would take me to Zalm. Unfortunately, I was unable to leave until 12.05 p.m. and had to while away the time waiting in the ER. Once the driver (Ayad) came, 
I first took him to my home to pick up my bags (one general bag and one for the laptop) and then, he drove me to Zalm over the next 35-odd minutes. We arrived at Zalm at about 12.45 p.m., and the driver left thereafter. 

I learned that Dr. Talal, the medical director, had gone for the afternoon prayers, so I awaited his return. When he came, he shocked me by telling me that they did not need any substitutional doctor today ... as they had requested this for Sunday/Monday and the pediatrician was already working here! I asked him to provide me with return transport, but he expressed his inability to do so, as there were no car-drivers at that moment. I called up Dr. Shehab who then talked back with Dr. Talal. The latter then arranged for my return to Al Muwayh with an Al-Ewan medical car that was travelling to T'aif.

In the event, due to some delays in Zalm, I reached my house back at about 3 p.m. After this, the day passed as usual. I studied, slept, ate, and went for my evening duty to the hospital where I surprised everyone who expected me to be in Zalm.

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